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chocolate accent's response to COVID-19


Today is not life and business as usual as we all face many uncertainties and challenges. To meet these challenges we have implemented the following policies at Chocolate Accents:


Two weeks ago, we extended our paid sick day policy for 2020. In addition to the four paid sick days that have been standard in our paid time off policy, we added ten extra paid sick days for any employee who unfortunately contracts the coronavirus or flu. We want our employees to stay home and focus on recovery.


Starting last week, employees who could work remotely are doing so. Our production, packaging, and shipping team members started staggering their schedules so that fewer employees are here at the same time and they can try to stay 6 feet apart.


We are monitoring the situation daily to protect our team members both physically and monetarily. Additional changes in our procedure will follow as needed. Starting this week we are instituting more staggering so that there are fewer employees in our facility at any given moment. We will keep you informed. Meanwhile, stay both healthy and safe.