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Fall Leaves

Some of our favorite seasonal garnishes are our Fall leaves! We have various shapes and sizes, but the most fantastic part is that they can all be airbrushed the most beautiful autumn colors. We can airbrush dark or white chocolate, but we have found that the brighter colors are more distinct on white chocolate and the metallic on dark chocolate. In the photo, we garnished a chocolate cupcake with a small leaf which would be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving buffets.

If you are looking for other Fall options we have an Amenity Maple Leaf Box which holds truffles and can be used as an in-room amenity. We have Maple Leaf Lollipops which are perfect favors for kids.

We also have our Maple Leaf Silhouettes that can be customized with any message. Feel free to contact us any time for a mockup to see how your logo will look on this garnish!